2nd International Symposium on Innovations in Amputation Surgery and Prosthetic Technologies (IASPT 2018)

10. 05. 2018 - 12. 05. 2018

Lecture Centre of the Vienna General Hospital („Hörsaalzentrum“ Lecture Hall 3, Level 7)


Name: Anja Rosenkranz
Email: iaspt2018@medacad.org
Tel: +431405138327

This symposium shall bring together key players of Industry, Medicine, Therapy, Engineering, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Prosthetics and R&D to explore one another’s worlds, deepen our collaborations, and merge efforts to restore function after limb loss.

The format of the symposium will allow much room for discussion, providing unequaled opportunities to learn from the best through a series of keynotes and hands-on workshops.