AOTrauma Course – Introductory to operative Fracture Treatment


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07. 09. 2019

Mediznische Universität Graz, Institut für Anatomie


Name: Mag.(FH) Sylvia Reischl
Tel: +43 664 925 3869

The AOTrauma Introductory Course Principles in Operative Fracture Treatment is targeted at certified orthopaedic and trauma surgeons who are interested in refreshing the basic knowledge and skills before participating in the AOTrauma Advanced Course Approaches & Osteosynthesis, and is also open for surgical trainees.

The topics will cover basic knowledge of different clinical applications of screws, plate fixation and tension band and will be taught in short lectures and videos followed by practical exercises on artificial bones and anatomical specimens.

During exercises key steps are projected on the monitors.

Each work station is limited to two participants.